Apply for linked data - ACT

The diagram below describes the steps involved in gaining approval to access ACT data, more detailed information about each step can be viewed via the ‘Read more’ button.

Steps 1 to 3 are the same in NSW and ACT

Step 1 - Plan your study

Dataset and variable information can be found on the CHeReL website.

Information about data sets in the Master Linkage Key (MLK) can be found HERE.

Examples of additional data sets and how to access these can be found HERE.

Validation studies for many different data sets can be found HERE.

Step 2 - Contact the CHeReL

We have a dedicated Research Project Manager who can provide individual advice.

The Research Project Manager is happy to meet with you or talk over the phone to discuss your project. They can be reached on (phone) (02) 9391 9924 or email

Step 3 - Complete the Combined Protocol and Application for Data form

The Combined Protocol and Application for Data form outlines your project, the datasets and linkage required.

 The Combined Protocol and Application for Data form 

Please email the completed form to the Research Project Manager at:

The CHeReL will review the form, provide feedback and a quote

Please note, the NSW Central Cancer Registry (NSW CCR) and the 45 and Up Study may charge a fee for data extraction which is not included in the CHeReL quote. For more information, contact the NSW CCR at or the 45 and Up Study at

Step 4 - Complete the required ethics approval forms

All studies using linked data must have an appropriate legal basis.

In most cases you will be required to complete the documents listed below

  1. Research Protocol Template (Data Linkage)
  2. Variable lists
  3. Human Research Ethics Application (HREA)

Please note all studies linking data owned by ACT Health must seek approval from both the ACT Health Human Research Ethics Committee and the Calvary HREC.

The link to the ACT Health HREC and associated forms can be found at: and the Calvary HREC:

Variable lists for each of the collections are available on the data dictionaries page of the CHeReL website. An external variable checklist template can be downloaded from the website HERE

For advice and guidance regarding the ethical issues of your study, please contact the ethics secretariat at:

Step 5 - Application Review

Send ethics approval documents and completed forms to the CHeReL for technical feasibility review.

The technical feasibility assessment is designed to ensure that linkage variables and specifications are adequately described and can be delivered effectively by the CHeReL data linkage team.

Step 6 - Submit to the Ethics Committee

Submit your data custodian approvals, technical feasibility letters, application documents and other supporting documents to the ethics committee

Documentation is to be submitted, by the HREC deadline, as one package via email to:

Please check the ethics committee website for other documents that may be required.


Step 7 - Data custodian approval

Obtain data custodian sign off for ACT data sets.

Once you receive notice of approval from the ACT Health HREC, please contact relevant data custodians to obtain sign off. For ACT Health and BDM data sets please contact the Data Manager, in Population Health Informatics, through the ACT Health Data Linkage email ( They will facilitate data custodian sign off and report back to you when completed.

Step 8 - Notify the CHeReL of your approval

When you are advised of ethical and data custodian approvals, please notify the CheReL and forward all documents listed on your approval letter.

We will confirm all requirments with you before scheduling your linkage.

For updates plesae email