Since its establishment in 2006, the CHeReL's linkage system and expertise have become core infrastructure for research, population health surveillance and health system performance monitoring.  The CHeReL has established and maintained relationships with a wide range of research and government organisations, fostering collaborative investment in the CHeReL and efficient use of research infrastructure funds in NSW.

The CHeReL is progressively incorporating core administrative data collections for NSW and ACT into the Master Linkage Key (MLK).  As at July 2018 there are:

161 million records

The MLK contains pointers to over 161 million records from 24 datasets for more than 13 million individuals.  New data collections are being added over time and demand for record linkage services continues to grow.

172 additional datasets linked

More than 172 additional datasets have been linked on request, ranging from public laboratory, toxicology and screening data, to administrative data from other sectors such as transport, justice, community services and primary research data collections of cohort or trial participants.

1810 users

There are 1810 researchers, evaluators and policy makers using our services.

Over 440 publications

Users of our data have published over 440 peer-reviewed publications listed on the Publications page.