Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and sustain a record linkage infrastructure for the health and human services sectors, and provide access to these resources to bona fide researchers and health planners and policy makers.  The aims of the CHeReL are to:

  • facilitate research that may contribute to the promotion, protection and maintenance of the health of the public;
  • facilitate the planning, evaluation and delivery of health services;
  • support activities related to the above aims across the full spectrum of health;
  • contribute to knowledge regarding research methods relating to health data collection, linkage of health-related data and compilation and use of health related statistics generally; and
  • allow the outcomes of activities related to the above aims to be available for the benefit of the public and to contribute to knowledge on an open and equitable basis.

The functions of the CHeReL are to:

  • carry out linkage of health-related data in accordance with all ethical, legal, privacy and confidentiality requirements; and
  • provide a mechanism for access to these linked data for purposes which fulfil the aims of the CHeReL.