Our services

The CHeReL provides advice on the design, cost, feasibility and process of linkage studies. We offer four types of record linkage services:

  • Linkage between and within records held in the Master Linkage Key (MLK).  The MLK consists of records from a number of administrative datasets, including records of hospitalisations, emergency department presentations, births, cancer registrations and deaths.  An example of a study using MLK linkage services could be linking death records to hospitalisations to assess mortality within 30 days of hospital discharge
  • Linkage of other datasets to the MLK.  Often researchers are interested in a particular cohort of people, and want to examine their outcomes or history using routinely collected administrative records.  For example, a cohort of people may be receiving a particular intervention, and the researcher wants to determine the effectiveness of this intervention as measured by later hospital admissions, emergency department presentations and mortality.
  • Linkage of two or more datasets that are not included in the MLK - for example, linkage of educational outcome to child protection data
  • Deduplication of datasets.  The CHeReL regularly conducts this kind of linkage for data custodians to identify duplicate records within a dataset and records which belong to the same person.