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CSIRO, in collaboration with the Sax Institute, is currently investigating approaches to confidentialisation of outputs from research using linked data conducted in secure analysis laboratory environments.

The focus of the project is on confidentialisation of research outputs (not microdata) that researchers may wish to remove from a secure analysis laboratory environment during or after a research project. An objective is to build on and add value to the existing infrastructure developed under Population Health Research Network NCRIS to support researchers using linked data.

It would be appreciated if you could take the time to complete this very short survey which will help us understand researcher's perspectives on protection of privacy in research outputs.  The survey can be accessed through the following link and will remain open until Friday 12 April 2013.

Through your responses CSIRO hope to identify areas of concern to researchers and whether there is a need for more clarity and resources to enable researchers to effectively manage protection of privacy in research outputs.





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