The Centre for Health Record Linkage charges a fee for the linkage of data.  This fee is based on a number of factors, primarily:

  • The number of individuals (record groups) in the study;
  • The number of datasets from which information is requested; and
  • Whether the study involves linking a dataset that is not part of the Master Linkage Key (MLK).  These studies involve additional cost due to the number of clerical reviews required to check the linkage of the external dataset(s).

The cost of linkage varies for each project.  As an example however, the linkage and extraction of records from two MLK datasets for 50,000 individuals would cost approximately $5,000 ex GST.  The fee for linkage of an external (i.e. non-MLK) dataset of 10,000 records and subsequent extraction of linked data from two MLK datasets would be approximately $7,000 ex GST.  In each example, the cost would increase with the addition of more datasets and individuals.  Quotes can be obtained by contacting the CHeReL at or forwarding an Application for Data to the CHeReL.

Please note, the 45 and Up Study may charge a fee for data extraction which is not included in the linkage fee. For more information, please contact the 45 and Up Study at